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Main Plastic Materials of Connector


Nylon ( PA6.6 )

 It is non-corrosive, flame and strong, self-extinguishing (according to UL94, V0 standard), and has a temperature stability to the conditions at 105 ℃ under continuous operation.

Continued stability and mechanical conditions related to temperature, in line with UL-Index RTI-Mechanical STR standards, on all electrical and mechanical insulation to provide sufficient security guarantees.

Instantaneous peak temperature of 200 ℃. The corresponding low-temperature limit is also based on security principles. Minimum of insulation material can be carried out under the conditions of -35 ℃ without damage to the operator. Or the wiring has been installed, all WAGO products can be the temperature at -60 ℃ applied.

Absorbed moisture from the air to make it up to 2.5% of the average humidity level and then change in the chemical structure of nylon, so it has good flexibility and resistance to fracture resistance.

In practice, the basic stability of nylon can withstand many years of ozone and ultraviolet damage. Also has good resistance to adverse weather capability, even in tropical regions, can also be used normally.

Parts made from nylon can withstand termites biting. It does not provide any oxygen to the microorganisms and other biological elements. Anaerobic bacteria, fungi, and the existence of enzymes will not have any negative effect. It fuels, oils and lipids and most commonly used detergents such as alcohol, Freon, F Ligon, carbon tetrachloride, and so has excellent resistance. On the acid resistance of nylon by the acid type and concentration of decision.

Nylon ( PA4.6 )

Compared with nylon 6.6 under the conditions he has a higher temperature stability. In the mechanical stress conditions, the temperature of its sustainable work 115 ° C. 10,000 hours of experiments, the temperature of its sustainable work 140 ° C. WAGO use of PA 4.6 in the short-term temperature is 280 ° C.

Polycarbonate  ( PC )

 Several notable features are:

has a high thermal stability, even in the 135 ° C when they have a higher consistency, hardness, toughness

 good electrical properties, even if the humidity is not affected much. Its insulation properties also will not be affected by temperature and humidity.

Low water absorption (0.2% relative humidity), does not cause significant contraction, which have a high dimension stability.

 Against weathering

 Anti-high-energy radiation


 With good Transparency and gloss     

 The comparation of these 3 materials 

Material Description

PA 6.6

PA 4.6


Flame retardant flame test, according to UL 94




Glow-wire test in accordance with IEC 60695-2-10/11 +12

960 °C

850 °C

850 °C

Oxygen Index




Comparative tracking index, according to IEC 60112 CTI




Thermal stability of the HDT / B (0.45 Mpa)

Instantaneous    200 °C

Instantaneous   280 °C

140 °C

Mechanical stress conditions in the thermal stability

Continued   105 °C

Continued   115 °C

125 °C

Heat-resistant ball pressure test, in accordance with EN ISO 2039-1 test equipment B

通过 125 °C

通过 125 °C

通过 125 °C

Surface resistance

1010 -1013 Ω

1013 -1016 Ω

1015 Ω


1015 Ω / cm

109 -1015 Ω / cm

1013 Ω / cm

Dielectric strength

30 kV / mm

25 kV / mm

29 kV / mm