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The advantage of the Euro PCB Screw terminal block 


PCB screw terminal connection method has been in the electronics industry occupies an important one seat, has now become an important component of printed circuit board components.  The structure of the design is more convenient and reliable connection both the screw connection and other characteristics.

          PCB spring terminal connection points of the pull back spring connecting the two connections and butterfly springs. Pull them back to the spring terminals and screw terminals can substitute for each other, greatly increasing the flexibility.

          No matter what kind of connection terminals, which has following advantages:

          1. Large wiring capacity, can adapt to different connection requirements.

          2. Clamp welded body shell and mechanical decoupling pin, that the clamp body shell and solder pin is not connected as one, when Tighten the screw on the solder joint torque is not transmitted

          3. Solder pin four prism, end systolic thinning. Welding holes in the insert to prevent free rotation. Integration into welding using welding solution holes.

          4. Solder pin for the copper alloy, solder pin welded to ensure no contamination of long-term reliability.

          5. Tin solder pin, easy welding.

          6. With cooling channels.

          7. Solder pin end systolic thinning, easy to install.

          Users not only need to select different parameters, such as needle position, stitch length, etc., can also choose a different connection directions. In practice, the layout of components (such as the location of PCB in the enclosure) often limit the printed circuit board terminals. Offers a variety of different directions printed circuit board wiring terminals undoubtedly has important practical significance: horizontal, vertical, diagonal, and positive. Options offered more practical help for the greater.

          PCB terminal blocks can even be used to provide multilayer (1-4 layers) terminals. Alignment between layers is very compact, and in half vertically staggered needles. Full compliance with this compact terminal, space-saving design needs.

          Screw terminal connection method with spring connection terminals compatible. The so-called interchangeable and compatible with the need to change both the layout of printed circuit boards. This greatly improved the product's adaptability, and largely reduce the cost.