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Range of Products >> Connector  >> wire to board Connector  >>  GSC5



Contact Resistance
100 mΩ ,max. at DC 100mA
Insulator Resistance
1000 mΩ ,min. at DC 500V
Current Rating
Withstanding voltage
Operating temperature
Phosphor Bronze
Nylon (UL94V-0)

         How to Order:  

GSC5 02   S   T  

Series No.

  No of Poles   H:  Housing  

Only for Male Header S(R) Type

    02 - 20 Poles   S:  Straight  Type  

T: Tin Plated

        R:  Right Angle  

G: Gold Plated


If Terminals, Please order  GSC5-Terminal-"T"  ( "T"--Tin Plated , "G"-- Gold Flash plated )